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November 17, 2013:
Maryland police spending speed camera funds to buy the Cellebrite UFED Touch device and other goodies.


Phone Data Extraction:

As the brochure says, the device can crack a lot of different devices quickly, even those with password protection.

Extract data from cellphones, smartphones, PDAs and iPods

Features of the Cellebrite Touch Ultimate UFED

The Cellebrite company, which apparently has a wide range of POS solutions for smartphones, also has an interesting and ingenious data decryption and extraction device for law enforcement. The UFED Touch line can get data from Blackberry, Apple iOS, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung Galaxy phones as well as Nokia phones and devices that run Windows. Because new phones enter the marketplace all the time, there are frequent updates so the Cellebrite extraction device can crack newer phone designs. Unfortunately for crooks, bad guys, and people who believe in privacy and individual civil liberties, this means that we can't publish a list of phones that can't be unlocked by Cellebrite.

What kind of information can the UFED Touch collect? As per their marketing materials, this includes decryption of the trip log from a GPS, deleted apps, emails, files, text messages, locations, and even geotags, which are often appended to images. Naturally, the phone user's contact list and call history are preserved as well. In keeping with chain of custody and evidence preservation rules, there are tools that preserve the data in a format that would be considered forensically sound.

Some of the apps that come with the device incude the "UFED Physical Analyzer" which is able to detect malware, export all of a device's memory, and indicate relationships between callers. It also has timeline features and the ability to uncover deleted images, presumably encoded with any Geotags that would determine where the pictures were taken. The "UFED Phone Detective" helps ascertain the phone type prior to opening the phone, so it does not lock, and then a procedure for searching the device (physical connection, bluetooth, etc) can be followed. The "UFED Reader" app allows data to be forwarded and shared without the device present, so reports can be generated for others in law enforcement, prosecution, and presumably the defense attorney. Another add-on, "UFED Chinex" is a way to get data out of Chinese chip sets, which comes with a whole batch of connectors, cables, and adapters.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: You may still need a warrant to go around extracting mobile phone data from people, especially considering the powerful reach of the Touch Ultimate which may get information far beyond what could be considered reasonable.